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Sutton Foster   Sutton Foster
Artwork by Sutton Foster

"Sutton's first success is the stuff of legend."

Sutton Foster's Debut Album "Wish"

"If the song list is eclectic, so is the singer. You know that magical quality of morening light after a night of torrential downpour? Redemptive. Pure. Joyful, but a joy hard-won by having survived the rain." - Dick Scanlan

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Track List:

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"I'm Beginning to See The Light"

"Warm All Over"

"The Late, Late Show"

"Up on the Roof"

"My Romance/Danglin'"

"I Like The Sunrise"

"Air Conditioner"

"Sunshine on My Shoulders"

"My Heart Was Set on You"


"Once Upon A Time"

"Nobody's Cryin'"

"Come the Wild, Wild Weather"

"On My Way"

"Oklahoma (Bonus Track)"


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